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Saturday, December 31, 2011

thanks 2011...

finally, 2011 will end soon... and welcome 2012..

seems that i will celebrate 2012 with my final examination for my third semester as UPMians.. after that, will having a month semester break.. really can't wait.. and this will be my last entry for 2011...

some of moments in 2011:
- the year i had my driving license (december 2011), means that i am no longer probationary driver who use P sticker on their car.. hehe
- the year i had the chicken pox, luckily i'm got it in my last semester break, (july 2011) so that i have mum to take care about me.. thanks mama..

actually, 2011 will leave me with too many moments... and i will always remember each of them... thank you so much for everything i had gone through this 2011.. i had learned a lot from it.. hope this coming new year will be better than 2011...

Friday, December 23, 2011

owh.. apa kah?

smlm 22 disember 2011, adalah besday abah yg ke 60... hepy besday abah.. sayang abah.. smlm jgk adalah hr terakhir kuliah untuk sem ni.. ok, smlm sy ada 1 klas ja, on the morning, 8 - 10 a.m... nk djadikan crita, dlm kul 9.05 a.m mcm tu, Dr.Tan bg la break skejap... so, sy pun p la bank.. smpai kt atm, tgh withdraw money, dah success dah ni, card da kluar, tiba2 atm offline.... argghhhh... duit x kluaq.. bla atm da online blk, sy check baki, amount tu dah tolak dr account, tp duit x kluaq... geramnyaa...... apalagi, terus msuk dlm bank la, jumpa abg tu, wat report psal duit sy tu... abg tu ckap 3 @ 4 hr lg, duit tu akan msuk blk dlm account sy... alhamdulillah.. adoi, da la tu je yg sy ada utk blnja smpai hjg bln ni... so, after class, sy decide nk p pjbt pos, nk withdraw asb sket sementara nk tgu duit yg dlm cimb tu msuk blk.. bla tnya akak kt kaunter tu, dia kata wat msa ni asb ditutup smpai hjg bln ni... ape? tidakkkkk...... owh, mcm mna ni.. dah la dlm dompet ada 13 rggt ja.. nk mkn apa ngn 13 rggt utk 8 hr ni? rsa nk nangis ja.. pas tu, terpaksa la text my sister, mnta dia tlg msukkan duit.. dia ckap ok...
pastu, dgn bekalkan 13 rggt tu, sy p ss(sri serdang) nk bli biskut.. da siap semua, nk blk la, jln la p bus stop nk tgu bas.. tiba2.... slipar plak putus... ya Allah... rsa cam nk nangis ja.. nk wat camna ni? nk jln x blh.. huhu.. lastly, sy text my lil sister yg bljq kt upm jgk, mnta dia dtg situ, bwk slipar.. ok.. alhamdulillah, setengah jam kemudian dia smpai bwk slipar.. then.. kami p mkn, dan adik sy ni sgt la baik, dia bg duit dia dlu kt sy.. thanks adik... then.. kami pun blk kolej....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

final exam schedule


the schedule is out already..

CHM3401 - 3 january 2012
FST3110 - 6 january 2012
FST3202 - 10 january 2012
BBI2421 - 11 january 2012
FST4001 - 13 january 2012
MTH3003 - 15 january 2012

so, lets start studying...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

rindu zaman sekolah dulu

tetibe je teringat zaman sekolah dlu.. trutama zmn sek. menengah.. byk sgt kenangan manis msa tu.. huhu.. zmn sek. men sy bmula thn 2002 - 2006.. 
terasa cpt je msa blalu dan skrg sdh 5 thn sy mninggalkan zmn psekolahan. 
kwn zmn sek.men sy ade yg da kawen.. da ade anak da pun...
ade jgk yg da btunang..
kbyakan masih study lg dan ade jgk yg da keja
rsa cam xcaya je...huhu
tunang pun blom, camne nk kawin... heheh
pakwe pun xde.
~toink toink~
lmbat lg kot.. stdy pun lom abes lg..
plg cepat 3 thn lg kot..
lps da abes stdy la yg pastinya..
rindu kwn2 sekelas dlu tmbah2 kelas 5S1/2006...
rindu hampa semua..huhu
byk kenangan manis sy msa tu..
hepy sgt2...

mode : rindu nk pkai baju kurung putih dgn kain biru muda tuh..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

assignment fever...

i'm so happy that all my second test was all done...
but, starting this week, there's a lot of assignment need to be done..
my list of assignment and presentation for this semester :
1. halal food - chocolate product & halal
2. food microbiology - contamination & spoilage in beef meat from fresh market
3. food biochemistry - structure of globular protein
4. statistics - (will be coming soon)
5. analytical chemistry - (will be coming soon)
6. general writing skills - reply to e-forum, sdl for week 13 & week 14....

the assignment for both halal food and food microbiology had already done.. what a relief.. there's 4 more assignment need to be done... ~yeah~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

and the countdown begin now...

what a tired day.. just went back from an outing with my lil sis and zeyla at  time square (TS)... ^_~
actually we are plannig to watch twilight saga : breaking dawn, but the ticket was sold out.. so that, we just went around TS from floor to floor...
but the most important thing i did today was buying a ticket for going back home on this 8 december..
really can't wait for that day.. i'm totally homesick.. really miss everyone especially my cute little nephew, muhd syafiq ammar.. 3 years old...
"capiq, tunggu acik balik ye.. rindu nak main ngn capiq.."

Saturday, November 19, 2011

stress already

ok, super duper stress week come again... 

this is the tenth week of lecture... means that it is the time for test 2. . 
for this time, i have 4 subject to be tested on which are analytical chemistry, statistics, food biochemistry and general writing skills.. 
the first 2 subjects on thursday and another 2 on friday.. 
phewww... gonna be so stress... 
at the same time, there are so many things need to be done including the assignment of food microbiology and a coming assignment for analytical chemistry, tutorial statistics and lab report...

ok, need to be stop right now... going to start my study..
p/s : wish me luck for my coming test... :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

aidiladha @ UPM

aidiladha is just around the corner, i'm very sure that most of u are already at your home sweet home... but, not me.. i'm not going back.. my aidiladha will only be in UPM.. so sad.. it is the second time i'm not going back for aidiladha... mama, abah... i'm so sorry for not be able to be home for this aidiladha.. 
selamat hari raya aidiladha mama, abah... maaf zahir batin... 
(i'm crying after hear that takbir raya.. so sad...)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

holiday time!

just finish the sixth week of lectures... finished with all the tests.. now, it's the time for mid sem holiday... ~yeah~ wanna back to my home sweet home tomorrow until 30th 0ctober.. so happy.. goodbye dear.. will be not online during my holiday.. take care yoww.. :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

study mode is on

currently doing my analytical chemistry lab report.. but, at the same time, thinking of my beloved one, abah & mama.. missing both of you damn much...6 more days before i can going back home.. really can't wait lol... but before that, i have to go through 3 more test on this week.. arghhh.. so stress... 

monday : 17/10/2011 - food microbiology
wednesday : 19/10/2011 - general writing skills and analytical chemistry

~ let's study.. ~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

already fifth week of lecture for this sem??

just got back from statistics test.. quite tension.. this week was my very stressful week.. i got three test this week.. ok, actually can't wait for mid sem holiday.. wanna go back home.. really miss my mum and my dad..
hmm, almost two months since my last entry right? so busy, have no time to update my blog..
(really? i don't think so.. hehehe)
ok, get to go now.. wanna take my bath and then go to the foodcourt.. hungry lol...
till we meet again.. daa....:)

(p/s : get test 1 food biochemistry tomorrow... pray for me yeah... tq)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

does they in love?

when he talk about her to his friends.. she is quite surprised!! :-)..

Monday, May 9, 2011

happy mothers day mama

she is the person i love the most after Allah S.W.T. & Rasulullah S.A.W...
she is a very tough person..
she is a very responsible person..
she is a very loving person..
she is very good at cookng..
she is a very perfect mother..

my mother is my best friend forever..
she always give me her smile..
never raise her voice towards my siblings and i..
no one can take over her place in my heart..
because she will always be in my heart..

i'm so lucky to have you as my mother..
and i will always pray for you..
thank you Allah for giving me such a perfect mother..
i love you so much mama..
happy mothers day 

my dearest abah n mama at my convocation day..
love both of you so much..

specially dedicated to my mother and all mother in the world..

Monday, May 2, 2011

waiting for 5 may...

salam.. hye all...i'm already finished with 5 paper from 6 paper that i'm taking for this sem.. what a relief.. there is only 1 more to be done on this coming thursday.. the fundamental of food engineering.. i'm so excited and can't wait for that day.. the thursday, 5 may 2011.. that is not bcoz i'm excited to sit for the last paper but i'm super duper excited for going back home on that day.. really homesick.. missing everyone and everything at home.. missing abah mama and also my cute nephews, hafiz, syazwan and syafiq... missing my room, missing my mother's cooking...

sincerely, i'm still not started studying that subject yet.. i have no mood.. i don't know what happen to myself lately.. always get a headache.. and even can't sleep well.. i'm really stress right now.. feel that want to do nothing.. but, i'm promise to myself i have to start studying it as soon as possible..whatever happen, i have to.. this is the last paper.. perhaps i can do my very best for that paper.. pray for me.. 

the same day as my last paper is the day for me to go back to my home sweet home.. the exam is on morning and i will be going back home on the evening.. i'm so excited.. really really excited.. almost 3 month since my last day at home.. hope the 5 may will come faster and also hope that my last paper will be nice to me.. so that i can enjoy my holiday.. the 4 month holiday.. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

last entry for april perhaps...gudbye april...

salam.. hye all...
sudah tamat lecture week...
what a relief..
no more assignment
no more lab report
no more presentation..

it's the
time to study bcoz...

the study week begin now...

... u have 9 days before ur final examination....

no more facebooking
no more blogging
no more twittering

until 5 may 2011


~aja-aja fighting~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ntah apa2

salam dan hye all...
hmm.. ok. kali ni nk cerita psal makanan plak..
sy mmg suka makan and that why i'm taking bachelor of food science and technology..
actually abah yg suruh sy amik kos ni.. pd mulanya mmg sy x minat jgk laa
tp, bla dah mula bljr, woww.. it's interesting.. xdak beza sgt pun ngn apa sy bljq msa dip dulu..
cuma lebih detail lg la..
msa dip dulu sy amik kos science biology..

ok.. jom kta kmbali ke topik asal..
bg sy, masakan mama sy adalah yg terbaik..
xde tandingannya..
mama, i'm missing your cooking.. x sabaq nak blk umah..
perhaps this april will pass quickly with full of joy although it's the
very stressful month for me.. the final exams time!!!
i'm missing mama's cooking.. i love everything that she cook..mama is very good at cooking..
hehehe..hmm.. if sy ada kt umah, everytime mama msuk dapur, sy pun ikut..
mama masak, sy tolong.. boleh la bljq kan?? btoi x?
awk tu dah 22 cik wanie, mmg dah kna bljq memasak ni..
nnt klau x pandai camna nk kawen??
xkan nak ajak en.suami mkn kt kedai ja kot..ksian kat beliau tau..
baik dia kawen ja ngn makcik tukang masak kt kedai tu kan.. btoi x?
nak juga beliau mkn masakan isteri dia kan.. so, kna la pndai masak
klau x pandai, tgu apa lg.. bljq la..

ok.. ari tu msa cuti mid sem, sy ngn adik, cik mimi.. blk la our home sweet home..
kt umah ada mama, abah ngn apiz, my nephew yg mmg mama ngn abah jaga sejak kecil lg..
satu hr tu, mama abah ngn apiz pg umah maklong sy sbb ada kenduri tahlil..
sy ngn cik mimi x p, duk umah ja.. kebetulan mama x msk ari tu.. mama ckp, nnt tgu ma ngn abah blk
kta p mkn kt kdai.. tp, sy dgn beraninya,"xpa la ma, xyah la.. biaq kakcik masak mlm ni.."
dan cik mimi pun sokong akak dia ni.. dia xtau yg akak dia ni pura2 ja.. adoi..
so, mmg abah ngn mama blk lmbat la mlm tu.. sy pun tpaksa la msak..sbb cik mimi dah lapo
hehehe.. wat la nasi goreng.. looks interesting.. but... hehehe.. sedikit tawar le.. adoi.. cian kt cik mimi..
tp lapo pnye psal, telan je laa... mmg kna bljq lg cik wanie ooiii...

teringin nk masak.. walaupun x pandai.. huhu..
nnt blk umah nak masak laa..4 bln kot cuti.. leh bljq masak ngn mama..
xsabaq nak blk..

Friday, April 8, 2011


topik kta hr ni ialah kenapakah??
lets begin our story..

mereka suka sgt dgn bola sepak?
sy sendiri pun xtau..
apa yg best sgt ngn bola sepak tu?
1 bola direbut oleh 22 org..
berlari bkejaran (mcm lagu lah pulak)
seindah bunga ditaman... (ooppss.. silap)
merebut bola itu..
wat letih ja kan??
(ini statement sy yg kurg minat ngn bola sepak, xdak kena mengena ngn sesapa pun ok..)
ada yg gla minat ngn bola sepak ni smpai snggup p sokong pasukan masing2
xkiralah kt mna pasukan tu bermain
and begitu juga ngn some of kawan2 sy..
ada sorg kwn sy tu, mmg gla mnat la ngn bola..
peminat dan pemain bola yg x brp nk femes lg.. 
heheh..(sori weh)
dia bmain utk pasukan tmpat keja dia
satu hr tuh, dia tercedera msa bmain bola ni..
klau x silap sy kt bhgn lutut
teruk jgk la kecederaan dia..
dan doktor nasihatkan dia jgn main lg utk 6 bln rsanya..
tp, dia ni mmg gla laa..
x smpai 3 bln lepas dia cedera tu
dia smbung main bola blk..
semata mata krn minat sesangat main bola
disini sy ingin mnyatakan bahawa org yg mnat bmain atau pun menonton bola ni 
snggup wat apa ja utk bola sepak..
(cewah... ayat mcm debate plak)
adakah sy betoi?

apa pun alasan mereka...
sy terima ja..
hrap my mr.right a.k.a en.suami nnt xdak la
fanatik smpai mcm ni skali..
nak tgk atau bmain bola tu boleh
tp jgn fanatik sgt lah ya...
kesian sy yg kurg mnat ni..
toink... toink..

~pabila sy tiada keja, mcm ni la.. merepek xtentu pasai~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

kebakaran.. kebakaran...

tepat jam 3.30 pg..
6 april 2011...
kebakaran... kebakaran...
turun semua...
dgn cepatnya sy mncapai 'xperia' sy dan ambil sweater serta tudung
(sempat lg ek)
just a fire drill je pun..

mgganggu tdo sy je.. 
dah la bwu je pejam mata xsmpai setengah jam lg..
berkumpul la kat blkg blok kasturi kesayangan tuh..
dlm 20 min jgk la..
pastu bgerak menuju ke hdapan kiosk
dgr la en.bomba berceloteh dpagi yg sungguh indah
dan walid (pengetua kolej) juga turut sempat mgucapkan 
"slmt pg semua.. lps ni boleh la smbung study bg yg ade test @ exam esk..."
ye la tu walid... heheh
dlm pukul 4 pg waktu nih..
haisshh.. dah le kelas sy esok tu pukul 8 pg..

ade yg pakai baju tdo
ade yg pakai suar pendek
ade jgk yg pakai kain pelekat..
semua muka ngntuk jer..
ye laa.. time tdo tuh...

ape2 pun tahniah kpd en.bomba yg telah membuat april fool utk 
kami, bebudak
kolej tun perak, UPM..
anda berjaya...
tahniah skali lg..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


kenapa sy minat sgt ngn warna hijau?
bg sy hijau tu cantik, comel, cute dan mcm2 lg..
mmg sy suka sgt ngn warna hijau ni..
klau boleh sume sy nk hijau tau..
sy guna sunsilk yg warna hijau,
sy pakai shower cream dettol natural caring yg juga warna hijau
berus gigi ,towel dan cadar juga warna hijau..
tp my garnier still pakai yg kuning (light) lg..
nk tukar garnier (aqua) hijau jgk la..
hair clipper juga sngaja dibeli warna hijau tau..
my stationary juga warna hijau such as my file n my memo pad..
dan byk lg la..
i'm addicted to green color ok!!!
tp ade juga la some of my stuffs yg bkn color hijau..
some je laa..
mostly byk warna hijau laa

dan my blog layout ni pun warna hijau kan..

klau bleh wedding nnt nk pkai warna hijau ok..
nak wat tema warna hijau
nasib laa klau awk x suke warna hijau
ade sy kesah??
huhu.. kejamnye..
hrap awk suke warna hijau tau..
klau x byk, sket pun xpe..
toink.. toink..
ni request ikhlas dr sy..

~hijau itu sgt indah~ 

Friday, April 1, 2011

entry pertama di bln april

we meet again..
ok. april sudah.. 
cepatnya laa msa blalu..
bln yg bakal membuatkan sy
stress, x cukup tdo dan juga mgkin fever n flu bakal melanda
april = final examination month
for this sem.. my final exam schedule are totally pack..
can u imagine all my papers will be done in 6 days only??
padahal minggu exam yg dperuntukkakn oleh pihak upm adalah 2 minggu..
25 april smpai 8 mei..
but, utk student food tech, lecturer kami sgt suke blumba-lumba 
nak cepat kan paper masing2..
mggu pertama exam, dah abis sume paper utk bdk2 food tech..
mmg terbaek la..
cuti awal kot..
so 1 mei sy dah start cuti sem smpai la lps aidilfitri nnt..
jgn jeles.. heheh

without gaps between that paper..
my final exam only takes a few days only
owh.. i'm gonna be crazy..
this is my latest schedule for final

25 april
5-7 p.m : principles of management
26 april
 8.30-10.30 a.m : organic chemistry
28 april
8.30-10.30 a.m : basic food microbiology
5-7 p.m : oral interaction skills
29 april
8.30-10.30 a.m : hubungan etnik
30 april 
2.00-4.00 p.m : fundamentals of food engineering

sungguh pack kan schedule final exam sy?
tq so much kpd penggubal schedule exam ini..
so, i have to get ready seawal yg boleh..

~aja aja fighting~

Monday, March 28, 2011

final is around da corner !!!

hai guys...
this is the 12th week of lecture for this sem..
means that i hv less than a month before the final exam comes around..
actually our final exam schedule had been released..
i'm totally surprise with it
5 papers in a week..
another 1 in da nex week

1. principle of management
25 april 2011
5 pm - 7 pm

2. organic chemistry
26 april 2011
8.30 am - 10.30 am

3. basic food microbiology
28 april 2011
8.30 am - 10.30 am

4. oral interaction skills
28 april 2011 (again)
5 pm - 7 pm

5. hubungan etnik
29 april 2011
8.30 am - 10.30 am

6. fundamentals of food engineering
5 may 2011
8.30 am - 10.30 am

wow... i'm quite shock when i look at it for da first time...
i'm going crazy this semester i guess..
but it is a wonderful holiday waiting for me after that
crazy grazy week..
4 months semester break...

~ yeah... really can't wait for that moment...~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

busy nye saye mggu ini

this week
week eleventh sudah
dah x lme nk final exam

this eleventh week pnye schedule :

21/3 - test2 organic chemistry
23/3 - test2 food microbiology
25/3 - test2 food engineering

bbi2420 mock interview
23/3 - presentation hbgn.etnik
24/3 - presentation prinsip pengurusan

dinner 'MATAHARI'
juge 25/3, same time ngn test food engineering tuh..
arrgghhh... bagaimana ni??

Monday, March 14, 2011

sy jealous...


i'm jealous.. really


with you lol...


i'm so jealous with u'olls
bcoz u are very lucky.. 
instead of me myself
oh my friends
congratulations for all of you..
on your marriage
and some of you 
for your engagement

a friend of mine did asked me :
"hg bla lg? kami pun nk mkn nasi myk hg jgk.."
so i just told them :
"aku? tggu anak hampa msuk tadika.. bru hmpa leh mkn nasi myk aku.."
hehehe.. i'm still studying.. plus i'm single... :)

~ mood : xde keje + tension + jeles ~

hope u'olls happy forever
don't forget me yaa

dedicated to : ekin, meen, fatin & fiza yg sudah slmt jd bini org tuh.. dan dila yg dh jd tunang org

Sunday, March 13, 2011

follow ur heart

"...it is better to follow your heart
even if it is difficult
instead of doing
the opposite of what your heart
tells you to do..."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

rindu mereka ini

dh hmpir setahun rupanya
sy tdk btemu mereka ini

batch dip sains uitm  july 2007 - may 2010

mna taknya, diorang sume kt uitm
shah alam dan jugak arau
sy ngn farah je kt upm ni
terdampar kt sini
dlu bertiga kt sini
sy, farah and geeds
geeds sudah pg ke uitm shah alam
huhu.. tggl bdua je la
kate farah, "wanie, kte jd upin & ipin la kt sini"
hehe.. ok cik farah..
mse wat dip dulu sgt best..
enjoy je..
asgnmnt, lab report, presentation sume cool je
bcoz of lect yg sentiase cool
tmbah2 en.mazlan.. 
lect chemistry paling sporting
kelas 2 jam blajo sejam je,
lg sejam bergosip.. haha..
sape yg bcouple time tuh mmg slalu kna la
tmbah2 klau yg bcouple dlm satu klas plak..
abis diperli nye..
satu pkara yg plg bez jd student en.mazlan ialah
lab report x perlu nk kelam kabut wat dan htr setiap mggu
lab report htr seminggu sblum carry mark keluar
(arounnd mggu ke11 @ ke 12 camtu la)
sgt cool la..
just copy je satu same lain, satu klas same..
die x ksah pun..
jnji htr report dah la..
sbg bukti jika ade audit dr uitm..

sy amat rindu suasana study mse dip dlu
klau bley nk undurkan mse
(mcm lagu 'andai dapat kuundurkan masa'
nyanyian kump. AXL'S..)
nk study kt sna lg
adoii.. tension sudah
ni semua gara2 lab report organic chem ni..
back to reality..
i'm doing my organic chem lab report right now!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

alkisah mereka

hr ni sy nk cite psal anak sedare sy.. (encik. A.R, sy teringat anak buah sy bla bc entri anda smlm)... sy ade 5 org anak sedare.. hafiz, haziq dan sara anak abg kedua sy, abg yong sy pggl.. dan 2 org lg syazwan dan syafiq, anak abg sulung sy, abg sham.. hafiz 8 thn, syazwan 7 thn, haziq dan syafiq 3 thn dan sara bru nk msuk 1 thn..

hafiz yg sentiasa ensem..

syazwan ketua perusuh  
haziq the naughty boy

syafiq yg comel sgt

ini nephews sy.. 4 org.. hmm my only niece, sara.. xde gmbr nk ltak.. tp mst la comel jgk kn... cam acik die laa.. hehe.. (perasan sudah) 4 org army ni la yg selalu buat abah ngn mama sy pening ble diorg dtg.. abis pecah segala cermin.. cermin tingkap, cermin almari.. adoi... dan klau dpt msuk blk, abis brg dselongkar mereka.. cr mainan ktanya.. ketua nya si syazwan tu la.. dh la nma nk sme ngn acik die ni.. huh.. semua x dgr kata.. sgt nakal.. hafiz suke bgaya, klau g sekolah, rmbut mst nk ltk mnyk.. nk wat rmbut cacak ktanya.. hehe.. syazwan pula hobi die suka ggu acik die ni.. ade je bnda nk knakan acik die.. haisshh.. budak ni mmg nk kna ni.. haziq, yg ni suke bjalan sorg2 keliling umah.. sedar2 je xde dlm umah.. pantang nmpak pintu umah tbuka..adoi laa... sgt bahaya budak sorg ni.. syafiq pula sgt mnja dgn sy.. ckp psal syafiq, sy nk gtau something.. dia comel kan? ade tahi lalat kt dagu.. hmm, dia ade penyakit.. talasemia.. penyakit yg de kna mgena ngn darah.. selalu je x sihat.. setiap bln mst dmam.. tp, dia tetap aktif.. sara pula satu2 nya cucu ppuan abah n mama sy.. umur bru 9 bln..bru duk merangkak.. ape benda yg die jmpa mst nk msukkan dlm mulut....
sara bkal jd army ppuan ptama xlme lg.. btmbah pening la tok ngn wan hampa semua.. bru 5 org.. huh.. mcm2 perangai.. sruh mandi pun berebut.. smpai rosak pntu bilik air.. kna tendang ngn diorg.. bengang abah sy.. tp nk wat camne.. cucu sendiri.. sabo je la.. hehe..

Friday, March 4, 2011

berhenti berharap

sudah terlalu lama
aku berhenti berharap
kerna aku tahu 
x semua yg aku mahu akan menjadi kenyataan
aku sedar bahawa diriku x sempurna
cukuplah sekadar disitu sahaja
tidak perlu lagi dirimu memujuk rayu
mempermainkan aku utk sekali lagi
aku mohon jgn lah dirimu mengharapkan aku lagi 
kehadiranmu tiada makna lg buatku
mengenalimu menjadi satu penyesalan bagiku
namun aku akan sentiasa mendoakan kebahagiaanmu 
aku sedar semua adalah ketentuan drNYA
aku terima segalanya dgn redha  
terima kasih atas segalanya
segalanya telah menjadi kenangan terindah buat diriku

aku mahu mengejar cita2 ku dahulu
memenuhi impian diriku dan juga keluargaku
biar cinta hadir tanpa dipaksa
kerna itu lebih bermakna bagiku  
walaupun tidak ku tahu bila hadirnya
aku setia menantinya

siape awk?? 

sesungguhnya cinta terhadap Yang Maha ESA harus ku utamakan
kerna DIA cinta sejati ku..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sy syg mama sy

 bru lps kol mama cyg. lma jgk  bsembang. sgt rindu mereka. abah n mama. seronok dpt dgr suara mereka. x sbr nk blk, nk jumpa, nk peluk mereka. hmm.. 
pastu sy cerite la sy sgt tension kt sini. byk sgt keje. byk test, assignments, reports. mama saje tmpat sy mngadu. everytime ade msalah, mama org pertama sy cr. kta mama, "itu dh jd lumrah. hidup klau nk senang, msti kna ssah dulu. nnt dh grad, bleh keje yg ok, msti kakcik rsa bbaloi kan?" hmm.. ye mama. btul tu. dan kata2 ni mmg xdpt nk lupakan.. "dan msa tu ma xtau la ma ada lg ke tak. sbb tu ma ngn abah nk anak2 bljaq setinggi yg boleh. xperlu ma ngn abah rsau apa akan jd bla kami dh xda nnt.. ma ngn abah x hrp apa2 dr anak2, cuma nk hampa semua bjaya. igt, walau apa pun, pelajaran amat pnting..blajaq sungguh2 anakku".... sayu sgt.. dan pipiku dibasahi titisan airmata.. "awat nangis ni? xcomei nnt.. ma ngn abah x sbq tgu kakcik habis blajaq.. nk tgk kakcik bjaya.. insyaallah, nnt ma ngn abah bleh p konvo kakcik wat kali kedua kan? lps tu, dh keja, dh leh kawin.. dh besaq rupanya anakku ni.. klau mama dlu, msa umoq sama kakcik skarg dh dpt anak tau.. abg sham hg tu.."..
~ma.. kakcik blajaq lg la.. huhu..~

i'm promise mama, abah.. i'll do my very best.. i love both of you so much.. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


remember at your fingertips !!!
bkn bmaksud tulis formula kt hjg jari...
(wat toyol msa nk msuk exam or test)
tp cuba la utk memorize formula ni and understand it...
so, it will be easy for you..

~pesanan prof. russly kpd studentnye dlm kelas food engineering td.~

Sunday, February 27, 2011


ok... just want to story mory about my outing today..
cecite cecite... bak kte hencik A.R....

tpt jam 11.30, sy, adik, zeyla, balqis n fika menaiki bus..
of cos our beloved upm bus..
free kan.. xpyh bayo..hihi..
melangkah menuju ke the mines..
port outing, dating plg tkenal wat bebudak upm..
first thing kami wat ble smpai ialah menaiki cruise kt mines tu..
kne byr sorg 2 hinggit..
pastu, pg jumpa en.cimb..
withdraw the money and enjoy...
then, ble duit dh bjaya dkuarkan,
apalagi... jom kta mkn dlu..
so, kmi pg la foodcourt n mnjamu selera..
makan.. gosipping.. normal la tu..
kan kan kan?
ble perut dh kenyang, leh la jenjalan..
tawaf satu mines...
dr ground floor smpai ke 4th floor..
lenguh kaki ceq.. huhu
ape sy bli hr ni?
garnier facial foam.. and some other things yg xleh nk cite kt sini..
rahsie.. sshhh..
dlm pukul 3, ktorg pun kuar la dari mines..
kte tapau set ayam gorg mcd dlu..
n 1 biji big apple donut dberi kpd sy oleh adik yg sgt baik hati nk blanje kakak die nih..
tq lil sis..
btmbah gmuk la ceq klau hr hr camni..
utk blk, tpaksa tggu upm bus dtg mnjmput..
dlm pkul 4, smpai la sy ke bilik 5-203 yg tsayang..

i'm headache

i'm totally in 'love' with bbi2420, oral interaction skills...
this coming week is the 8th week of lecture for this sem..
this is my date with bbi2420
        week 9 (tuesday, 08.03.11) - oral presentation
        week 10 (tuesday, 15.03.11) - mock interview
        week 12 (tuesday, 29.03.11) - drama

ok.. that is for bbi2420 only...
i hv many more that is skp2204, chm3201, fst3201, fst3401 and mgm3101...
and i will also hv a date with each of them...
i hate this... coz i'm headache...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

mlm ini - 24.02.11

mlm ni.. satu mlm yg penuh bmakna buat diri sy..
mlm ini beliau bnar2 mnyedarkan diri sy..
ya Allah.. aku bsyukur pdmu...
segalanya krn motivation talk by dr.S

"you're trash... yes, you're trash.."
1 ungkapan yg bleh wat sesape pun rs kecil hati kan??
sume yg ade d dewan tu senyap x tkata..
tp bg sy, ungkapan tu la yg mmbuat sy sedar dmana sy skrg..
sy sntiasa leka dan lupa tggjawab sy sbg pelajar..
that's why pointer sy x dpt nk cpai 3.5 n above...
what i got only between range of 3.00..
never get more than 3.40
kate motivator tu lg, 
"klau kte stakat dpt pointer around 3.00 je, 
jgn nk hrap la dpt keja yg ok nnt.. u'll hv a dark future you know.. 
and 1 more bcoz we're malay.. 
it's hard for us my dear students..
we hv to compete with other races..
which hv a brighter future than all of u here..
bcoz they got better result.. most of them get more than u all do..
so, u hv to improve urself.. it is not too late for u all to do this..
don't just focusing on study..
it will make u bored with it..

u can involve in any event u want,in this campus..
make ur life interesting.. 
do whatever u want to do..
but don't forget ur role as a student..
ur responsibility..
if u get 3.8 and above.. u'll have not to pay ur ptptn..
it will be free for u.. 
and the most important thing, u'll hv a better career for ur future..
so,as a conclusion, wake up darling.. build up your target..
wishing all the best for everyone..
dan jgn sesekali anda lupe pd Allah..
ikhlaskan dirimu kpdNya..."

ok.. tu sebahagian kndungan talk td..
i'm very thankful to yg maha esa..
and also the motivator.. 
now, i'm realised, ape pun yg tjadi,
kita mesti igt pdNya.. DIA YG MAHA ESA..
yg sedia mmbantu kta setiap saat, setiap detik..
jgn sekali melupakannya..
~sesungguhnya cinta aku hanya pdNya..~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

nothing but something

hai semua... pe kabar? sihat? alhamdulillah.. salam maulidur rasul kwan2.. teringat sambutan maulidur rasul masa sekolah dlu... dah lma sy tggalkan alam psekolahan.. rindunye.. saje je hr ni nak menconteng sket.. hmm.. td mse tgh wat lab report organic chemistry, tibe2 je hatiku bkata..(ayat skema la pulak..)  klau la aq trus keje lps grad ari tu.. x payah dah nk pening2 kepala nk pkir psal lab report and test2 ni... hmm... aduyai.. nape ni cik wanie ooiii...ape dah jd dgn anda? tp lps tu aq pkir blk.. xkan la aq nk brenti stakat diploma jer.. cukup ke? keje pe yg aku leh dpt dgn segulung diploma tuh?? sedangkan rmai lg dluar sna yg lbih tinggi taraf pndidikan diorg... kan? huh... pastu aku pun bka fb my classmate satu sekola dulu.. nurul ashikin... bosan, xde keje nak wat (padahal byk je keje) kawan aku yg sorg ni dh kawin awal bln 12 ari tu... hmm... tahniah ekin... sorry coz x dpt dtg majlis hang sbb msa tu aku kt shah alam.. for my convocation day... so, aku trus la tgk pic kawin ekin.. cntiknye... xsangka hg dh jd bini org.. hehe..
aku nak kawin jgk boleh?? hehe... gatal gler.. nak kawin konon... igt senang ke nak jd bini org ni.. diri sndiri pun x pndai nak urus lg.. bljar dlu la cik wanie ooii.. x payah duk pkir psal kawin ni.. insyaAllah klau ada rezeki x kemana.. heheh... gler jauh berangan.. 3 thun je lg cik wanie... study study and study... say no to marriage.. heheh.. lps dh grad nnt kawin la klau nk kawin pun.. xde sape nk marah dh...dan xde sape nk halang... ewahh.. ckap bkn maen lg yer... dah de calon ke? huh... no comment... heheh.. tu cerita kawin... pastu bkak plak fb kawan2 yg lain.. bertunang?? huh... sy sgt jeles dgn anda semua... sy nih bla lg?? ntah laa... xtau la bla... kpd 'pihak yg bkenaan', heheh... sy just cakap je ek.. jgn duk p hantaq rombongan cik kiah plak.... tkejut mama abah ceq nnt... ceq x mo lg..  tolong... abg ngn kakak sy pun x lpas lg.. xkan nak langkah bendul kot.. 2 org plak tu.. huhu.. sabar ye cik wanie... fokus... you're still a student.. so, study study and study...ok!!! ... do da bez for yourself ..and also remember both of your parents who wants to see your success in study.. chaiyok chaiyok... aja aja fighting.. you can do it... believe it..

Sunday, January 16, 2011


hye all...

i was very excited to write this entry... 
yesterday i'm going out with my sister...
guess what.. 
i just bought my new xperia...
finally i got it.. 
the white one...
cost me about RM750... 
i love it so much... 

(so, starting from today i have to berjimat cermat lol... coz my savings dah bkurang...)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

busy fussy week...

hye all....
this is the second week of the lecture... almost everyday my class started early in the morning.. and end in the late evening.. huh... i'm so tired with it... totally damn tired...

and there is a lot of homework too... lab report... assignments... uwaaa... besides that, there is an event will be held in my college, (kolej tun perak) next week.. DUNIA.. stands for Dulu Kini & Selamanya... there's a lot of activity including  blood donation campaign, modern and traditional games, motorcycle wet party and the most important is open block.... the main event in DUNIA... and guess what... i'm the one of the decoration AJK... and there are some of my friend also.. our duty is to decorate our beloved block.. kasturi block... this few weeks makes me going crazy.. busy, busy and very busy...  oh fourth week... i'm waiting for you... waiting for the mid sem break... coz i'm going back home... my home sweet home.. missing you mama abah.... 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

apa dia?

asal msuk thn bru je mst suma org bckap pasai azam thn bru kn?
rsanya blom tlmbat lg utk sy nk bkongsi azam sy utk thn ni.. 

azam sy adalah spt berikut...
(cewaahhh.. ayat x leh blah)

1. memandangkn sem bru dh stat,
sy brazam nk dptkn 3 pointer n above lg utk sem ni..insyaallah..
2. hajat dhati nk kurgkn berat bdn...hihi
sjak cti sem, brat bdn naik jd 49 daa..
xleh jd ni, nk kna kurgkn ni...
 3. utk mncapai azam no 2 tu, sy dh 2 hr x mkn nasi... hehe..
mkn roti ja..(lapaq wei..)
tp pd msa yg sma sy dpt jmat sket, 
so azam no 3, bjimat cermat..
4. bla azam no 3 tcapai, duit hsil bjimat cermat tu leh la sy guna utk 
bli henset bru... haha... (jeles tgk henset touch skrin akak sy)

tu sja la azam sy utk thn ni.. sbnarnya tgh xdak keja ni... tu yg merepek xtentu arah tu...
 tp hrap2 azam2 ni tcapai la hndaknye... insyaallah

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

me & tour de malaysia

since my semester break begin, my tour de Malaysia started... on last 21st November, i went to kota bharu after completing the final exam.. huh...  what a relief.... while in kota bharu, i had visited my graduated school, kptmkb to take away my original transcript of diploma (version kptm)...  i met with my ex-lecturer of chemistry, en. nik mohd khairi.. guess what... he still remember me although i have left the college for almost 6 month... hmm... by the way, thanks to all the lecturer of kptmkb who had teaches and guided me and friends for almost 3 years..

after a few days, my family and i went back to our hometown, kedah tercinta... on 28th November, my family and i went to shah alam, selangor, for my graduation day which is on 1st december.. during that time i'm the most excited person... so happy... yeah...  the most memorable moments.. now i have the other one of diploma transcript (version uitm)... then we went to i-city, the electronic city in shah alam on the midnight... so interesting... so beautiful...

on the other day, we went for jalan-jalan in Melaka.. the historical city..hrmmm.. shoppping and enjoying our trip  there.. abah and mama bought so many things including the 'cencaluk' and 'gula melaka'.. for their friends maybe...for me, the best thing in melaka was the 'masak lemak cili api'... best..spicy and delicious... yummy..

2 weeks after that, we went to pangkor island... the last destination for my tour...  pangkor island? not bad... ok laa... i'm not buying anything... just window shopping cause loan ptptn had not been credited yet on that time.. heee..... love that moments so much... to my family, next year we do it again.... the tour de malaysia... to sarawak maybe...