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Monday, May 9, 2011

happy mothers day mama

she is the person i love the most after Allah S.W.T. & Rasulullah S.A.W...
she is a very tough person..
she is a very responsible person..
she is a very loving person..
she is very good at cookng..
she is a very perfect mother..

my mother is my best friend forever..
she always give me her smile..
never raise her voice towards my siblings and i..
no one can take over her place in my heart..
because she will always be in my heart..

i'm so lucky to have you as my mother..
and i will always pray for you..
thank you Allah for giving me such a perfect mother..
i love you so much mama..
happy mothers day 

my dearest abah n mama at my convocation day..
love both of you so much..

specially dedicated to my mother and all mother in the world..

Monday, May 2, 2011

waiting for 5 may...

salam.. hye all...i'm already finished with 5 paper from 6 paper that i'm taking for this sem.. what a relief.. there is only 1 more to be done on this coming thursday.. the fundamental of food engineering.. i'm so excited and can't wait for that day.. the thursday, 5 may 2011.. that is not bcoz i'm excited to sit for the last paper but i'm super duper excited for going back home on that day.. really homesick.. missing everyone and everything at home.. missing abah mama and also my cute nephews, hafiz, syazwan and syafiq... missing my room, missing my mother's cooking...

sincerely, i'm still not started studying that subject yet.. i have no mood.. i don't know what happen to myself lately.. always get a headache.. and even can't sleep well.. i'm really stress right now.. feel that want to do nothing.. but, i'm promise to myself i have to start studying it as soon as possible..whatever happen, i have to.. this is the last paper.. perhaps i can do my very best for that paper.. pray for me.. 

the same day as my last paper is the day for me to go back to my home sweet home.. the exam is on morning and i will be going back home on the evening.. i'm so excited.. really really excited.. almost 3 month since my last day at home.. hope the 5 may will come faster and also hope that my last paper will be nice to me.. so that i can enjoy my holiday.. the 4 month holiday..