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Monday, April 30, 2012

ke'busy'an melanda...

assalamualaikum and hi

yeah.. dah masuk mggu ke10 lectures.. spt biasa, musim utk test 2 bmula.. actually i'm done with 2 paper already.. tggal lg 4 paper.. ok.. mggu ni 1 paper and another 3paper  next week.. hope everything gonna be ok.. at the same time, got many things to be settle down, assgnmnt food component.. lab report food analysis, lab report unit operation, lab report sensory, assgnmnt sanitation, and so on.. and need to prepare for case study food analysis...

esk cuti hr buruh.. nk p mna ya?... duduk kt bilik ja la kot.. settle kan keja2 yg perlu disiapkan.. mggu ni jgk gonna be very busy with 'sedetik lebih'.. eh.. bkn lagu anuar zain tu.. sedetik lebih ni ialah karnival anjuran MTM Kolej Kediaman Tun Perak UPM (KTP UPM).. bersama seluruh warga KTP UPM.. starting 2 May until 6 May.. byk aktiviti dlm program ni.. nk tau lbh lnjut tgk bwh ni:

p/s : promo sebentar.. click pic utk view yg lbh jelas..
so, kpd mereka2 yg bdekatan dgn Upm. jemput dtg beramai2 memeriahkan karnival sedetik lebih ni... pelbagai aktiviti menanti anda..
ok2..sudah.. hehe.. terlebih plak.. 

mode rajin nk stdy mai dah.. tetiba ja.. hehehe.. ok bye

Sunday, April 29, 2012

sometimes, in our life

assalamualaikum and hi

i believe that each of us had gone through something terrible in our life.. same goes to me.. although it has passed, but it is still fresh in my mind until now... to whom it may concern, i'm not yet accept your apology.. maybe in the future, i'll forgive you but, i'll never ever forget it.. it hurts me a lot.. i hope one day you'll go through what i had gone through before.. and only at that time, you'll know how much i'm suffer before..
 i can't forget it.. i can't.. forever...

but, i have learned something from everything that i had gone through.. and thanks for it.. really appreciate it... i'm now happy with my life.. i'm having the one that more better than what you are..

"i'll never loose hope, cause Allah is always by my side.. the ONE and ONLY ONE".. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

mereka sudah... sy bla lg?

assalamualaikum and hi..

apa yg sudah? apa yg blom?
ok.. xda apa2 pun.. saja2 ja.. ceritanya begini..
some of my classmates in secondary school da kawen
ok.. fine... i'm jealous

ekin da kawin dec 2010 ari tu tp sy xdpt hadir wedding dia sbb sy konvo utk my diploma msa tu.. so, last raya, dia da dpt baby.. sgt comel ok.. baby girl..
sorang lg, iera, bru je kawin bln lps, 15 mac 2012.. wedding dia pun sy x dpt hadir sbb xda cuti.. busy with my lectures...  by the way, slmt pngantin baru iera n suami...

hmm.. korg, sy sgt jealous ngn korg ok.. apa2 pun, hope korg hapy and bahagia smpai akhir hayat k..

"hg bla lg?" tnya one of my friends..
"aku lmbt lg laa.. still blajaq lg.. insyaallah.. klau ada jodoh.. smpai la undangannya ok. (amboi2.. xsabaq nmpk cheq...).mungkin bla anak hampa semua da msuk tadika nnt.. hehehe... doa2 kan la... "
tu je yg mmpu sy jwb memandangkan calon pun tiada lg.... (buat muka x bersalah... toink toink)

duk merepek apa lg ni?... dah2 la tu... sy nk kna stdy sanitation.. esk ada test..
ok... bye...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

back to school, oopss.. lectures

assalamualaikum and hi

done with my mid sem break last week.. really enjoyed it although it was only a short break.. so many things i had done during the break... makan2 with family kt kdai mkn favourite kami, berbasikal dgn my nephew, dating with my younger sis, shopping for new t-shirts at The Store, jln2 with family, and many more...

but now, 18 april 2012, i'm already back to my real student's life.. a life that full with stress sometimes... but also a life that full with joy and happiness.. whatever it is, i'm glad to be a student... chaiyok2..  today, i am already done with my second test for unit operations in food processing.. alhamdulillah.. it went well.. next monday second test for food hygiene & sanitation pulak.. hope everything gonna be ok... and soon, second test for other subjects and also presentation, SCL and case study.. woww.. looks like i will be extremely busy..

p/s : mom, i'm already homesick although there was only 4 days after i'm leaving home.. miss your cooking...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

mid sem break dtg lg

assalamualaikum and hi

~ mid sem break~
 ~ 6 april 2012 - 16 april 2012 ~

will be update again on 17 april 2012 perhaps..

happy holiday dear UPMians, enjoy your holiday... see you soon....
mode : home sweet home 

Monday, April 2, 2012

get well soon mr.h

assalamualaikum and hi

hr ni da masuk mggu ke7 kuliah... da separuh perjalanan utk semester ke4 sy kt sini..  lg 7 mggu before final exam.. everything went well... alhamdulillah.. test 1 for all the subjects were already completed last week.. hmm, next week dah mid sem holiday.. means that this weekend my younger sister and i will be going back home.. holiday mode already on.. right now... hehehe

 x sabaq sgt... cpt la weekend... i'm really homesick after 7 weeks i have been here... missing my mum n dad... also my nephews... nk maen badminton ngn hafiz ikmal, my nephew... missing my mother's cooking... missing my bed, my room and everything... huhu...

back to the topic... actually mr.H dah 4 hr demam.. demam rindu kt mak ke awk? heheh... xpe, nnt da baik dmam, blk la jenguk mak awk ye... hmm.. starting jumaat lps and until now demamnya still x ok lg... paling teruk msa hr sabtu mlm.. dia d bawa ke hospital oleh 'housemate'nya as he is vomitting, headache and suhu bdnnya yg sgt tggi.. huhu.. doc suspect mr.H kna demam denggi.. so, kna wat test darah.. 3 kali kot dia kna wat test darah tu.. poor him.. alhamdulillah.. result nye ok, cuma demam biasa.. bkn denggi... hope get well soon mr.H... kuatkn semangat awk.. insyaallah.. semua akan ok...

get well before 9 april mr.H... it's very important for u to attend the interview on that day.. don't miss it.. do the best for the interview ok..  wishing u all the best...:-)

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