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Thursday, October 20, 2011

holiday time!

just finish the sixth week of lectures... finished with all the tests.. now, it's the time for mid sem holiday... ~yeah~ wanna back to my home sweet home tomorrow until 30th 0ctober.. so happy.. goodbye dear.. will be not online during my holiday.. take care yoww.. :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

study mode is on

currently doing my analytical chemistry lab report.. but, at the same time, thinking of my beloved one, abah & mama.. missing both of you damn much...6 more days before i can going back home.. really can't wait lol... but before that, i have to go through 3 more test on this week.. arghhh.. so stress... 

monday : 17/10/2011 - food microbiology
wednesday : 19/10/2011 - general writing skills and analytical chemistry

~ let's study.. ~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

already fifth week of lecture for this sem??

just got back from statistics test.. quite tension.. this week was my very stressful week.. i got three test this week.. ok, actually can't wait for mid sem holiday.. wanna go back home.. really miss my mum and my dad..
hmm, almost two months since my last entry right? so busy, have no time to update my blog..
(really? i don't think so.. hehehe)
ok, get to go now.. wanna take my bath and then go to the foodcourt.. hungry lol...
till we meet again.. daa....:)

(p/s : get test 1 food biochemistry tomorrow... pray for me yeah... tq)