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Saturday, March 6, 2010

still hate that person..

did you remember my post on 2nd march??
(hate her)
until right now, i'm still hate her..
really really hate her..
and i'll always hate her..

her attitudes become worst day after day..
that's why my hate level towards her also increase..

what should i do right now??
my patience level now almost zero
should i straightly tell her what i feel towards her??
so that she know everything
should i??


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hate her !!!

i hate someone.. she makes my life so terrible.. i don't know why.. i wonder why she came into my life... really hate her.. she always makes me feel so uneasy when we face to face.. oh... what must i do right now?? her attitude always made me hate her.. hate her so much... really really hate her.... hate her... why must you come into my life?? why did you??????
i hope this thing will not last forever... i will always pray that i can accept your presence in my life one day.. sorry for everything, but not now, bcoz I'm truly doesn't like the presence of you in my life for this moment...

they are...

they are everything 4 me..
they are my life..
they are my soul of my life..
they are my supporters..
they are my idol..
they are my lovers..
they are the best ones..
they are perfect..
they are my lovely mummy and daddy..

dedicated to them,
i love both of you so much....
thanks 4 everything...